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Catholic Education Week

Posted by St Joseph's School Ottoway on 16 May 2019

Catholic Education Week will be held from Monday June 3 to Sunday June 9, 2019. The key message for schools in the Archdiocese of Adelaide and the Diocese of Port Pirie is;

"Where every child matters".

Catholic schools give students opportunities to:

learn about prayer in the Catholic Tradition

listen and respond to God

embrace the beauty and richness of prayer in the Catholic Tradition

develop skills for personal and communal prayer and Liturgy.

In our Catholic school communities, everyone is encouraged to set aside time for personal prayer and to pray together with others. As part of Catholic Education Week this year we are planning a Pop Up Prayer Space to be located in the courtyard each morning before school. Community members (parents, caregivers, grandparents, children and staff) will have the opportunity to write a prayer for someone or something they would like to prayer for and place it in our mobile prayer box. We will then offers these prayers to God as part of our Friday morning Communal Prayer.

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