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Our Philosophy - Preschool

At St Joseph's Preschool, we have strong beliefs about child and how they learn.

We believe each child is unique. Therefore, the educators:

  • value children's prior knowledge and different ways of learning
  • value children's voice, their home languages and culture
  • work closely with families and other professionals to understand and best support children's learning and wellbeing needs
  • follow, reflect and report on children's individual learning paths

We believe all children are competent and capable learners. Therefore, the educators:

  • look for what children can do not what they can't do
  • actively support children to see themselves as competent learners
  • establish a learning environment that is inviting, nurtures children's creativity, supports diversity and potential for learning

We believe play is the child's first language of learning. Therefore, the educators:

  • plan a play-based learning environment
  • understand how children show their understandings through their play
  • collaborate with children to support their learning by listening, observing, reflecting and planning for play
  • provide multi-sensory learning experiences

We believe children learn best when they are free to explore their environment, relationships and community. Therefore, the educators:

  • broaden children's learning by actively engaging in the community and using the resources of the community
  • encourage and support children to play and learn with each other and to celebrate their achievements together
  • plan for and encourage children to connect with nature, to experience moments of awe and wonder
  • support children to develop a sense of agency and to take responsibility for sustainable actions
  • provide opportunities for children to develop learning dispositions such as curiosity, problem solving, communication, persistence, cooperation and involvement

We believe children benefit when their families are involved with their learning. Therefore, the educators:

  • build positive relationships with families and communicate regularly
  • respect and include family cultures and diversity in the life of the Preschool
  • seek ways to increase family involvement in the life of the Preschool






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